Musical Journey!!!

“Music holds the power to shape ideas, feelings, minds and futures.”

Ones ability to conversate, might solely be in ones ability to belt out a tune or musical note from an instrument; and —–OOps there goes a symphony of words.

Denzel Morales at 21 years old, enjoys speaking through the bass guitar or more effectively through Trinidad & Tobago’s national instrument ‘the pan.’ From ever since he can remember, he’s always been attracted to music. And while attending Eldorado East Secondary School, his introduction to varying musical instruments, simply opened a door in which Denzel ran through; and now he tutors and does pan arranging. He holds the key to his destiny in his ability to effect all the change he deems necessary for his future students, as well as his own——-

All for the love of music!!!

Driven Beyond Measure!!!

Michael Richards is a young man who’s “Driven.” Just that one word is needed to describe him, because it embraces all that is “He.”

I remember seeing this now 25 year old man, when he was just a 13 year old boy working in a nearby grocery store after school. Michael has always been an independent, strong, black youth, whose vision has surpassed his eyesight. A vision that continues to lead him with insight that drives his thirst to become more than his environment, society, friends and life has told him he could become.

His future depends on his ability to look forward and hold to the belief that the God who made the heavens and the earth is more than able to take a humble youth from Bon Air Gardens and ensure his tomorrow will most certainly surpass his yesterday!!!

As Michael lays out his 5 year plan to enlarge his online clothes business and provide for the less fortunate on a regular basis.

I say “May He Live To Accomplish All That God Has Purposed For Him!!!!”

Posthumously Great!!!

So this isn’t about your take on what Great is; this is based on Fact. Micah Mckell-Cummings……Kristoff Lakatoo……Khaleel Andrews These 3 young men were all indeed destined to achieve greatness.

The word “Great” speaks of significance, of note, amount or intensity. And I would dare say; each of these youngmen’s sporting achievements, along with their quiet dreams; all held the breath of achievement within them in a way that no doubt would have blown them to the doors of greatness.

Life often takes turns that “we never see coming” but we’re still expected to greet each storm with a hand of regard. No one knew these young men better than those who truly knew them. And I’m sure you’ll all agree that their lives were a gift that will forever give, through memory.




Life was meant to be lived not simply exist!!!!

Reaching For Total Dominion!!!

So I was “schooled” recently when I met Aneillio Brazzier. A 28 year old young man from Point Fortin; who received an Engineering Diploma at UTT; but then decided games were more interesting. Why was I schooled? Because in my ignorance I’ve always looked at online games and gamers as both belonging to that box where all frivolous things go into. However, this good looking, smart, technically savvy guy has since educated me.

It turns out that Aneillio; better known as “proto” to his online buds, has managed to make a life out of gaming. He’s the Lead and Public Relations Manager for a gaming company called CariGamers. In addition, he holds the position of Administrative Assistant for the Gaming Association of Trinidad & Tobago: so for “proto,” it would seem the gaming world opened up a door that expanded; whereby his technical capabilities were now being used in the field of Digital Photography, Editing & Videography.

But wait there’s more!! Aneillio’s employer CariGamers teamed up with a local NGO called the Social Justice Foundation. This alliance allows these 2 companies to go into mainly rural areas of Trinidad & Tobago, where they provide training in varying technical skills. Aneillio along with other tutors are given the opportunity for 6-8 weeks at a time, to teach persons between the ages of 16-35 to use their phones, laptops and cameras in a beneficial sustainable manner. These training sessions are provided free of charge. This initiative allows for the widespread use and training in technical capabilities that are very much needed in the world today. Each new found skill can now take the learner, who may have otherwise not been able to access these specialized training sessions to another level of expertise in their technical skills, if he/ she so desires.

Life is full of choices, in which we all must take responsibility for. Aneillio was able to take a favorite pastime and not only turn it into an income but a way of giving back to his fellow human being. He’s now on a quest with the Social Justice Foundation to ensure that the Sustainability Development Goals of the UN are met for Trinidad & Tobago inorder for it to attain Developed Nation status.

Big quest for a simple gamer: “But when the drive to achieve is conceived one can only produce Greatness!!!” J.A

Power Angels!!!

I want you to meet just a “few” young ladies who are merely pieces of a whole. A “whole” that consist of young females who have decided that they do not simply wish to exist in this world; but intend to make their existence a worthy one.

Choronna Khan…….Beautiful, Brilliant Ready To Conquer The World!!!
Shaunalee Bennett…..Talented, Ambitious As She Fearlessly Maneuvers Her Way To The Top!!!
Monique Toussaint…..She Reserves The Right To Be Fierce, Smart And Posess An Ability To Produce Success!!!
Kenya Benjamin……… Artistically Awesome Young Lady Who’s Destined To Leave Her Mark!!!
Khadijah Narcis……Future Driven, Unstoppable Dreamer, Determined To Become Great!!!


Going After Destiny!!!

Yohance Ennis

Yohance Ennis…….. No I didn’t make a typographical error when writing this young man’s name twice. I’m simply ensuring his name is etched into your memory; since it will no doubt become a household name on the European football circuit in the very near future.

When I first heard about Yohance he hadn’t left Canada yet for Germany. In fact I’m certain he wasn’t even aware that such an opportunity lay on the horizon for him: This “Central trini boy.” Yet here he is, at 25 years of age, believing he could attain Greatness and being brave enough to go after it.

It’s about to go down…..Dont you dare miss it!!!!

You, Yes You, Your Destined For Greatness!!!

“No matter where we’ve started….. greatness awaits.”

These words are so applicable to Akinee Harry. He’s a young man who stood before me at 5 foot 6 inches tall but one who’s spirit emerged as a giant as I got to know him. Akinee attended Presentation College San Fernado followed by Carapichiama East Secondary to attend sixth form. During which time he dreamt of becoming a professional footballer in the bright future he hoped to be apart of. However, at 18 years old while still attending school he made a decision that would alter the course of his life. He and a friend broke into a cinema where he was employed at the time and stole a sum of money. They were caught and entered the judicial system where they came face to face with a world they had known nothing about. Fortunately the hand of God was clearly upon their lives and they only stayed for a short time in Remand, during which time the presiding judge over their case gave them leniency putting them on 2 years probation. This judgement not only allowed Akinee to pay for the wrong that he had done but also placed him in a favorable position to do so. His crime undoubtedly brought embarassment to his family but his parents remained unwaivering in their love for him, since they shared the belief along with the judge that their son did deserve another chance for his wrong doing.

“Crime does not pay” these words became the fuel which now drove Akinees appetite for success.

Six years has since passed and it’s now the year 2020 in Claxton Bay. Akinee is now a 24 year old man who is well on his way to achieving his chosen route to success. He’s presently in the process of completing his Masters in Criminology (fitting lol) and is also working on his Biography. In addition he’s a budding entrepreneur, who’s present life seems to have beaten the odds that guarantee him that bright future he’s always dreamt about.

There would appear to be many odds that are against Trinidad and Tobago’s young men in varying forms. Nevertheless, Akinee Harry not only ensured his place in beating the odds of having a bright future but he’s the proud father of a daughter and another on the way with his fiance. Therefore, ensuring that the future of his name and his legacy lives on.

It’s not where we’ve started but it’s where we end up that counts.