Driven Beyond Measure!!!

Michael Richards is a young man who’s “Driven.” Just that one word is needed to describe him, because it embraces all that is “He.”

I remember seeing this now 25 year old man, when he was just a 13 year old boy working in a nearby grocery store after school. Michael has always been an independent, strong, black youth, whose vision has surpassed his eyesight. A vision that continues to lead him with insight that drives his thirst to become more than his environment, society, friends and life has told him he could become.

His future depends on his ability to look forward and hold to the belief that the God who made the heavens and the earth is more than able to take a humble youth from Bon Air Gardens and ensure his tomorrow will most certainly surpass his yesterday!!!

As Michael lays out his 5 year plan to enlarge his online clothes business and provide for the less fortunate on a regular basis.

I say “May He Live To Accomplish All That God Has Purposed For Him!!!!”

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