Posthumously Great!!!

So this isn’t about your take on what Great is; this is based on Fact. Micah Mckell-Cummings……Kristoff Lakatoo……Khaleel Andrews These 3 young men were all indeed destined to achieve greatness.

The word “Great” speaks of significance, of note, amount or intensity. And I would dare say; each of these youngmen’s sporting achievements, along with their quiet dreams; all held the breath of achievement within them in a way that no doubt would have blown them to the doors of greatness.

Life often takes turns that “we never see coming” but we’re still expected to greet each storm with a hand of regard. No one knew these young men better than those who truly knew them. And I’m sure you’ll all agree that their lives were a gift that will forever give, through memory.




Life was meant to be lived not simply exist!!!!

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