Reaching For Total Dominion!!!

So I was “schooled” recently when I met Aneillio Brazzier. A 28 year old young man from Point Fortin; who received an Engineering Diploma at UTT; but then decided games were more interesting. Why was I schooled? Because in my ignorance I’ve always looked at online games and gamers as both belonging to that box where all frivolous things go into. However, this good looking, smart, technically savvy guy has since educated me.

It turns out that Aneillio; better known as “proto” to his online buds, has managed to make a life out of gaming. He’s the Lead and Public Relations Manager for a gaming company called CariGamers. In addition, he holds the position of Administrative Assistant for the Gaming Association of Trinidad & Tobago: so for “proto,” it would seem the gaming world opened up a door that expanded; whereby his technical capabilities were now being used in the field of Digital Photography, Editing & Videography.

But wait there’s more!! Aneillio’s employer CariGamers teamed up with a local NGO called the Social Justice Foundation. This alliance allows these 2 companies to go into mainly rural areas of Trinidad & Tobago, where they provide training in varying technical skills. Aneillio along with other tutors are given the opportunity for 6-8 weeks at a time, to teach persons between the ages of 16-35 to use their phones, laptops and cameras in a beneficial sustainable manner. These training sessions are provided free of charge. This initiative allows for the widespread use and training in technical capabilities that are very much needed in the world today. Each new found skill can now take the learner, who may have otherwise not been able to access these specialized training sessions to another level of expertise in their technical skills, if he/ she so desires.

Life is full of choices, in which we all must take responsibility for. Aneillio was able to take a favorite pastime and not only turn it into an income but a way of giving back to his fellow human being. He’s now on a quest with the Social Justice Foundation to ensure that the Sustainability Development Goals of the UN are met for Trinidad & Tobago inorder for it to attain Developed Nation status.

Big quest for a simple gamer: “But when the drive to achieve is conceived one can only produce Greatness!!!” J.A

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