Going After Destiny!!!

Yohance Ennis

Yohance Ennis…….. No I didn’t make a typographical error when writing this young man’s name twice. I’m simply ensuring his name is etched into your memory; since it will no doubt become a household name on the European football circuit in the very near future.

When I first heard about Yohance he hadn’t left Canada yet for Germany. In fact I’m certain he wasn’t even aware that such an opportunity lay on the horizon for him: This “Central trini boy.” Yet here he is, at 25 years of age, believing he could attain Greatness and being brave enough to go after it.

It’s about to go down…..Dont you dare miss it!!!!

3 thoughts on “Going After Destiny!!!

  1. Yuh Dunnoe Meh Bredda Do yuh ting Skillfully God first at all times Hold d faith Muh G🙏🏽❤️❤️


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