Straight Out Of Laventille!!!

So let me introduce you to this handsome, smart, ambitious and talented young man that I know….Cleveland Sheldon Burke. A Laventille native, who’s quest and yearning for more can be seen in his scholastic rise from obtaining a few passes at CxC Exams to being on his way to finishing up his Bachelors Degree in Literature at UWI.

Now remember I said Cleveland was talented? That’s because he has recorded a few songs that can be heard on radio stations and found on YouTube. One of his songs “narcos” according to him, was born out of hurt and despair when he lost a close friend of his through violence. However, when it comes to this outstanding youngman, what you are presented with isn’t simply all there is.

I asked Cleveland what new songs he was working on? Immediately he presented me with a new vision of who he’s begun to see himself as and the new direction he wants his music to take. “I’m not going to be singing secular music anymore” he tells me. Then in a solemn voice he delves into a dark story of when he came head to head with a war that almost caused him to have a mental breakdown, and most assuredly would have stopped him in his tracks. However, he emerged from that battle victorious. This conversion has managed and allowed for God to have a very clear impact so great on his life, that even the words that come out of his mouth must now reflect that change. A change therefore, that will be heard in his new songs soon to be released.

Cleveland’s eyes for the future is now focused on all that God has in store for him. Which includes building his families restaurant, where he runs his own branch that’s famous for its “buffalo wings.”

It can be said that change is inevitable. And I suppose that on this new journey that Cleveland has embarked on, he’ll go through varying levels of change and greatness…… After all isn’t that what we should be striving for?

To be continued……………..

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